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Bethany B.

He is amazing! Super knowledgable. Made me feel very comfortable and I had loads of questions he was able to answer all of them. Very personable! Highly recommend! He is now my one stop shop!

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Amanda B.

This doctor knows more about his own specialty/ aesthetic injections than any doctor I’ve been to in my entire life. What he explained to me about the process, about the injection, about the needles, was information I had never been provided or given before. However, it was information I wish I had gotten. There was almost no pain at all, seriously, almost none! Which, is not my experience with previous providers. And I’ve gone to several providers in the Williamson County area. I will not go to anyone else but Rejuvenage MD. You cannot find a better experience.

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Kayla H.

I absolutely love It here. The staff is amazing , you definitely get the most kind hearted honest people around & They will boost your self esteem along with making you look great & meeting all your needs!

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Sydney B.

Very nice staff and I really appreciate how the doctor paid so much attention to detail in order to make sure the job was done right

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Jacqui L.

Best experience ever! I had Xemoin and Versa filler. Dr. Omar is kind and spends time explaining the products. He does not use to much just to make money! This was my second appointment and I am beyond satisfied with the results and experience.

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Jennifer S.

Best experience! Extremely high quality of care and great communication. Doc took the time to explain everything to me and make sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend.

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Mary S.

I never leave reviews but I just had to for this place. I came here for laser hair removal sessions. I will give an in depth review of my experience:

1. The office: The office is so beautiful, neat, & clean! I have been to many spas, boutiques, and clinics over the years, & this is one of the prettiest and cleanest ones I have been to.

2. Everyone here is so nice. I really goofed up my scheduling on my first appointment, but Buddy was so accommodating and really worked with me, even though it was MY fault!

3. Dr. Oomman is very nice & extremely thorough! She takes pride in her work, & she is very knowledgeable. She explained everything about the process and what I could expect. She wanted to make sure I knew everything before I had treatment, during the treatment, and after.

I should note, that I am not a newbie when it comes to getting laser hair removal. I have been getting laser treatments from different places for years. Some were good, others were.. meh. I have tried various lasers with mixed results. Years ago, I tried the Cutera laser at downtown fancy spa to remove my underarm hair. This laser is fast but hurts like heck, and it also missed lots of hair, which meant I needed 9 treatments before I was mostly hair free. It also wasn't cheap at all!

Then, I went to another place that used another older YAG laser model. This place was cheaper than the previous place, so I decided to get laser treatment on my legs. It hurt SO MUCH and I was left with marks on my skin, that are still here to this day. They did a better job than the previous place however, and most of my hair was gone within 4 treatments.

Finally, I went to another spa that boasted cheap prices and a fancy new laser. They promised zero pain and awesome results. While the people there were nice, their results were basically nothing. And while the laser definitely hurt less than the previous two, it still hurt. I had 4 sessions before giving up.

This year, I stumbled on Rejuvenage by accident. I was interested in their services and thought, what the heck, might as well try! I'm determined to get my hair removed and their prices were good.

I hate to admit it, but my expectations were low when I first came here. When Dr. Oomman started the treatment, she said "Let me know if you feel any pain". I braced myself to feel pain, but a few moments went by and I didn't feel anything. She asked if I was doing okay, and I said "What? I don't feel a thing!" Seriously. Not even a little tingle. When Dr. Oomman said that this laser doesn't hurt, she wasn't kidding! It seriously doesn't hurt at all! If you are pain averse then this is the laser treatment for you. Not only did it not hurt at all, but my skin was fine too, no redness or discoloration.

While I was glad the treatment didn't hurt, I will admit that I was still nervous that I wouldn't see results. It just seemed too good to be true; a laser treatment that is reasonably priced, doesn't hurt at all, AND it actually works? That sounds like a made up Fairy Tale to me! But, much to my delight, I did see results! I've had two sessions so far and most of the hair is gone!! I have two session left, but I don't have that many hairs left to laser, which is awesome.

4. Dr. Oomman takes great pride in her work. You can tell that she is not just doing this job to make a quick buck, she actually cares about her clients and making sure they like their results! Like I said, I have had laser from other providers in the past. They always missed some hairs. Not Dr. Oomman! When I say she is a perfectionist, I really mean this. She made sure to get EVERY. SINGLE. HAIR.

5.I give this place a 10 out 10! Two thumbs up! 5 stars! What are you waiting for? Go set up an appointment! Do yourself a favor and stop wasting time and money at those other places like I did. This is the real deal, and I'm so glad I found them. My only regret is not finding them sooner!

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Mary L.

Rejuvenage offers great services and really spend time to insure their patients are delighted with the procedure! Thank you so much.

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Aaliya A.

I had hair laser treatment and completely satisfied with treatment n staff. Very much recommended

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Denise P.

Excellent in every way. Will be returning soon!

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Pfeiffer T.

I had been to Jack & Jill Aesthetics earlier this year for the same procedure (Revanesse Versa) and Dr. Kumar at Rejuvenage MD was better. He did a very thorough consultation and we defined “perfect lips” down to a science — literally a 1 to 1.6 ratio. He took beforw and after photos . He used a dental block instead of numbing cream which made any sticks not hurt. He explained everything he was doing and why. I left much more informed and satisfied than I did at J&J. Not to knock J&J completely though — they were fine and my results were fine — but my results with Dr. Kumar were perfect. Highly reccomend. He was enjoyable to talk to as well.

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Sher B.

I've reviewed Rejuvenage in the past, everything was great with the doctor, staff, etc. Dr. Kumar is very thorough with explaining everything he CAN do, what the results are, and then offers what he SHOULD do. He doesn't rush you out like some other cosmetic places. Buddy, the office manager, is personable and makes sure you're comfortable while waiting, which has never been longer than 5 minutes for me.

My last review was regarding the injectable product used, Jeuveau. Seems I'm not the only person who didn't get the desired results. (I need to point out that I had already had this product injected at another location earlier and there was STILL no difference). This time around we tried Xeomin, which hasn't always been a good fit for me, but this was a more concentrated version because it seems that Botox has lost its effectiveness for me as well. (Maybe the vanity gods are trying to tell me something...LOL)

In any case, again, very clean, professional, easy to find and free parking on the Square in Franklin. We shall see if the desired results appear over the next few weeks.

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It was such a great experience today! Dr. Kumar is a leader and teacher within our community and he explains every detail. He walks you along through the procedure so that it is completely comfortable. He has a wonderful bedside manner and the office is beautiful and located in a great spot in Franklin! He helped me to put together a plan for my skin and I am so excited to be part of this practice.

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Rachael O.

I've been getting Botox for almost fifteen years and this is the first time anyone addressed my real concerns! Love Dr. Kumar and Buddy! Wonderful team and work.

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McGuire A.

The Dr. spent a good amount of time with me, explaining the procedures and helping me to achieve realistic expectations. He was very thorough in his assessments and explained why what I was looking for would take a number of treatments and why doing it all at once would NOT garner the results I wanted. He addressed all of my safety, health, price and time concerns. We decided together on the best path to take going forward. He administered additional numbing cream at my request. He took every measure to protect my privacy and comfort. The treatment itself was a little uncomfortable, but that was not unexpected; he was treating a sensitive area. The staff was really genuine and professional. The office was lovely. Very clean and aesthetically pleasing. Check in and Check out were efficient. The parking was terrific. The neighborhood is very upscale and safe. I had some swelling but no bruising. Tenderness that lasted about 10 days. Not unexpected. No pain. 2 weeks post-procedure, I am happy with what we did. This was a good choice. Will be returning. 5/5

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Suzanne S.

Dr. Kumar is very knowledgeable and informative , carefully explaining the procedure he is doing. The office is beautiful and the staff very helpful. I am very happy with my results and eagerly recommend Rejuvenage.

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Linda G.

Very considerate staff who made me comfortable from booking and answering my questions to my excellent facial. The location is convenient, the treatment space and rooms were elegant and even more importantly, clean and all safety protocols are being followed. I highly recommend and will be going back again soon.

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Lindsay J.

Dr. Oomman is outstanding! I have had two laser hair removal sessions so far, which have been painless, and I am very pleased with my results. Buddy at the front desk is wonderful too. He is so friendly, as is Dr. Oomman.

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Misti L.

Dr Kumar helped me with a medical complication from a bad filler job that I received in Florida.. He took time away from his family on a Saturday and business to help guide me to a solution when my local med spa doctor was not responding!! These people are not just well trained they have compassion for others!! God bless you Dr Kumar and your family! I pray your business grows faster each day!!

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Melissa K.

I am a Direct Medicine patient of Dr. Sujay Kumar. His level of expertise and care is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I met him, I was completely at ease, and knew I was in good hands. It is quickly obvious that his caring nature is beyond the norm. Upon speaking with him about my medical needs, his knowledge and dedication to serve his patients was front-and-center. He spent an entire hour with me, with most of that time in eye-to-eye conversation while genuinely listening. He addressed all of my medical concerns, made initial arrangements for labs, tests, and prescriptions, and explained the medications he was prescribing or changing and why. I’ve honestly never received this quality of medical care before. A good bedside manner is important to me, and he goes above and beyond with compassion and commitment. He is, quite simply, a phenomenal doctor and a fine human being.

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Hollie B.

Dr Kumar is very professional and takes his time to make sure everything is perfect. He even walks you through what he is doing and explains in a way so you understand. 100% recommend!

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Lesa S.

I love this place! Five stars!! The staff is wonderful.. Rejuvenage MD has the top of the line products and technology for the most up-to-date skin care treatments! Dr. Oomman also has her PhD and is above qualified for what she does. She takes her capabilities and benefits the customer with beautiful glowing skin. Dr. Kumar is so knowledgeable that he can alleviate any fears by thoroughly educating the customer. Buddy at the front is professional and personable! I love that they want to develop a lasting relationship with the customers, which means a lot to me because they don’t make me feel like I am a high turnover customer! I’m addicted to taking care of my skin now! I didn’t realize how investing in myself pays off with confidence!!❤️ #selfcare #glowing #youngskin

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Kate E.

This was the best experience I’ve ever had with a caring physician who takes so much time to help you understand the anatomy of the face and what he can do to help. He’s extremely knowledgeable about all products and services on the market and is happy to discuss anything at length. He offers everything one could need from a medispa. You won’t regret going here it was amazing and beautiful facility.

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Teresa C.

Loving, caring on top of professional dr and employees. The doctor is so nice and caring and even explained to me that it would take me a while to get results I needed to be happy. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear and then leave me disappointed. I love them!!!!

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Dianne S.

Dr. Kumar is both highly skilled and compassionate! So pleased with my results. Highly recommend!

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Brenda B.

What an informative and pleasant appointment! Dr. Kumar is full of knowledge and explained everything to me! I have gotten many services elsewhere but will be coming here from now on! Thank you so very much!!!

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Swathi P.

I stumbled upon this business as I was looking for a place to get laser hair removal redone on my legs. I had laser hair removal done before at a different business, but even after countless treatments/touch-ups, the hair was still growing back. After one laser treatment at Rejuvenage, I can already see and feel the difference. My legs are so much smoother. If that alone doesn't convince you to give this place a try, the patient care that was given by Dr. Oomman will. She spent almost an hour on each leg to make sure that she didn't miss any spots and I know her arms were hurting by the end of it! She also sent me two different follow-up emails to make sure that I didn't have any side effects. The people here treat you like family. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

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Ashley R.

Everyone here is wonderful! I would give them allll the stars. So much knowledge and they are perfectionists, which is extremely important to me. I am looking forward to my next appointment!!

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Daphne B.

If you want to give yourself a little treat, I recommend you visit Restore Wellness and Aesthetics. They are talented, friendly, they listen to your concerns so they can customize treatments to achieve your desired results.