Physician Assisted Weight Loss

Having a physician assist with your weight loss routine can help you lose more weight and keep it off by providing professional, proven advice, as well as a strict regimen and medication that are designed to promote weight loss. Studies have demonstrated that having a physician monitor your progress helps keep you on track and committed to your goals!

At Rejuvenage MD, we provide the most advanced weight loss regimen on the market. After an initial consultation, we will adapt our program to meet your specific weight loss goals. Everyone is unique, with a different metabolic rate, response to fat loss, and caloric deficit requirements.

Medically Trained Physicians

Dr. Kumar is an old-school physician, with modern-day, cutting-edge training, and is driven as a passionate Doctor in the purest sense.

Detailed Charts & Analytics

We thoroughly examine the results of your weight loss along with you to understand how you are progressing and the next steps.

Healthy & Delicious Diets

Based on your lab and exam results, we will provide you with a healthy diet that may include some of your favorite foods.

How Our Weight Loss Plan Works

Our weight loss process includes analyzing the body fat, calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) including a laboratory blood test. All the information about the patient will be considered when building out a unique treatment, providing you with a diet that promotes faster, more reliable weight loss.

At Rejuvenage MD, we use HCG injections or in sublingual form, depending on patient comfort. The program includes nutritional support with dietary /calorie restriction. This program allows patients to lose excess fat but maintain muscle mass for an improved physique.

Physician-Assisted Weight Loss Franklin TN

If you would like to learn more about our physician-assisted weight loss programs and how they can help you reach your aesthetic and health goals, reach out to the specialists at Rejuvenage MD for more information. Call our offices to speak with a representative or schedule a consultation online today!


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